ABACUS® Architect (formerly known as Modeler) is the ABACUS suite's core user license, providing market-leading flexibility, diagramming, documentation and analysis for individual users and departments. ABACUS® Architect works in either a stand-alone mode or as a client collaborating with other clients via a shared server as part of ABACUS® Enterprise Server.

ABACUS Architect (formerly known as Modeler) is a comprehensive modeling solution covering a host of modeling challenges across and between business / application / data / technology layers, in-line with standard modeling frameworks and notations.  ABACUS Architect supports over 100 public frameworks and notations, including TOGAF, ArchiMate, BPMN, UML, DoDAF, EPC, FEAF, ITIL, PeaF, Zachman, etc. - more frameworks than any other tool on the market.

As well as having its own 2D drawing capabilities for creating artefects and visual models from scratch, ABACUS Architect can import existing data in a wide range of formats, including popular office applications such as Microsoft Excel and Visio, as well as leading CMDBs, SQL databases, other modeling tools, etc., thereby speeding the modeling process.

Once the model is created, there really is no limit to the kinds of view that can be created in ABACUS Architect. Matrix views can be generated to show the connectivity between areas of a model, and any number of standard charts (e.g. Pie, Bar, XY-Scatter etc) and Custom charts (e.g. Capability Space, Trade-Off, Timeline etc) can be used to visually display analysis, as can fully interactive 3D visualizations. ABACUS Architect also supports the definition of stakeholder dashboards, which can be freely composed to include any combination of underlying views.